New client recommendation from Happy clients!

“We called Tracy Stevens when we wanted to buy a house, and decided that, after accompanying her on numerous showings, that she was our Realtor when it came time to sell. She is smooth, professional, good-natured, forthright and pleasant to spend time with. We kept changing our minds about what we wanted to buy, and she never flinched. She researched her brain out. After working with her as buyers, we knew how people who wanted to buy our house would respond to her, if she had a chance to show it to them (and she did). We threw her a curve, however. We were planning to give a decades-old friend the listing for our home, but after working with Tracy we decided to do a split listing. Partnerships like this are not always easy to deal with. Real estate agents are used to flying solo. Nonetheless, Tracy embraced the partnership and avoided (or marvelously concealed) any conflicts. The partnership staged, photographed, showed, and marketed; Tracy was the one who actually showed the house. After two weeks on the market, the house sold to the first buyers that Tracy showed it to! She has been right on top of everything all along. She did a fabulous job!”

– Mark Dodge