Staging is SO important!

Staging Reminder! A well staged home sells much quicker and for more money than an unstaged or vacant one! I stage my own listing clients’ homes for FREE, but I also stage for other Brokers and their Sellers. I have lots of good inventory and lots of Brokers who will gladly recommend me. I also do pre-listing “Staging Consults” for other Brokers. I come in and de-clutter, move furniture, etc. to make the home present in it’s best possible light to potential Buyers. I just did a consult for Rhonda Shea’s new listing on Saturday. (BTW Rhonda, please tell them they did a great job choosing new pillows and towels)! Sellers are often nervous when I show up, but by the time I’m done they are always thankful. Please remember me if you or someone you know needs staging help!